CEO Mariam Borges and VP of Operations Jose Borges have kept to their original goal of offering superior workmanship. This philosophy continues to be the number one priority among the company and its employees.

Mariam Borges, President & CEO BCTEC Corporation

Mariam Borges brings 10 years of combined experience in business administration, banking and financial services. Since founding BCTEC in 2003, she has grown the business to a million dollar company by providing services to companies in the private and public sector.

Mariam is responsible for the company's day-to-day operating activities, including revenue and sales growth; expense, cost and margin control; monthly, quarterly and annual financial goal management. In this role, Mariam directs company operations to meet budget and other financial objectives and growth activities to support overall business strategy and plans.

Jose Borges, Vice President & COO BCTEC Corporation

Jose Borges brings 20 years of experience in the telecommunications business focused on design, implementation and systems maintenance. He co-founded BCTEC in 2003 and has lead the growth of the business to a competent company with thirty highly skilled professionals in three states, supporting strategic accounts such as Mastec, Verizon, Comcast, and AT&T.

Jose leads the company's short and long-term operations and planning efforts to support strategic business goals. He oversees the allocation of resources to projects and coordinates implementation plans. He participates in daily activities to support business operations and customer relations.

News & Events

BCTEC support the growth of Hispanic Business in Virginia

BCTEC support the growth of Hispanic Business in Virginia

Mariam Borges, President and CEO and Jose Borges, Vice President and COO of BCTEC will be co-chair at the Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Women in Business Committee and Membership Committee. They will offer a value contribution to this chamber initiative with their experience in the business management.