OSP/ISP Maintenance Service

BCTEC is a long-term partner offering maintenance contracts that will keep your engineered solutions at peak performance. They are also available for emergency situations and as needed maintenance services. Services available:

  • Plant contract inspection
  • Roding verification services
  • Marker services
  • Cable location services
  • As-built redlines and documentation
  • Quality audit services 24X7 emergency
  • Coax repair System maintenance

Program and Project Management

  • Turkey program
  • Competitive bid specification development
  • Bid coordination
  • Technical bid evaluation
  • Day-to-day project oversight and coordination
  • Review of final as-built documentation
  • Final inspection
  • Acceptance
  • Marker services



“BCTEC deserves a great deal of credit for doing an outstanding technical job and also for the ability to deal with residents”

Charles Lamdin; Tralee Forest Condominiums